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Intuitive Mentorship Program


Discover the Most Effective Tools to Develop Your Intuition,

 understand it and use it in your daily life!

Early Bird Special includes a personal reading with Maggie, 2 one-on-one coaching sessions, and extra goodies in your toolkit. Valued at over $300

deadline extended to 6/13/23!

First IMP II Session in 3 years!

I AM INTUITIVE 2nd info sessio TBA


Early Bird Payment for IMP I by October 2023


Pre-recorded Video Lessons

Topics include: expanding awareness, improving trust, dreams, card reading, psychometry, beliefs, pendulum and kinesiology, automatic writing, angels & guides, and mediumship

Zoom Calls

Weekly live video calls to review video lessons, answer questions, share experiences, and practice to increase skills. All calls are recorded.



To define and refine your intuitive gifts and skills, you will be coached by Maggie and one or more of her Advanced Graduates throughout the course and during the Zoom calls.


What to expect

The Intuitive Mentorship Program will pull the veil back on your intuitive world and help you to understand the flood of information at your disposal and even teach you how to use to help  yourself and others!

Individual and Group Assignments

Homework is given weekly to enhance the integration of the information. Students will work with one another to practice skills and get feedback.


Facebook Group Support

A private Facebook support group with continual postings to encourage and inspire assignments and practice will be shared with the group.

Video lessons and Zoom Calls are posted here for easy review.

Ongoing, support to clarify lessons and answer questions.


Intuition Toolkit


A specific tool kit of meditations, books and supplies to compliment your study and practice. A Swag Bag sent to your door!



“After taking this course, I feel confident I can incorporate my gifts into my daily life and work, helping myself and those around me to live up to our highest purpose. Enlightening, fun, and highly recommended!” 


In the Intuitive Mentorship Program, you’ll discover how to:

  • Identify your Intuitive styles and learn to use them!

  • Increase the occurrence of intuitive Information in your life!

  • Get out of your own way and trust your intuition!

  • Connect with your guides, angels, and spirits!

  • Receive messages for yourself and others!

  • Integrative practices to better apply your abilities to your daily life.

  • Read for others easily!

Here’s what graduates of this course have accomplished…

  • One of my students has now embrace her abilities as a medium and is doing circles and readings professionally and  has opened a healing center to provide services to the community!

  • One woman now easily connects to her Mother on a regular basis and feels more grounded in her spiritual practice!

  • Another student has used her intuitive abilities to expand her writing, published her first e-book, and started a blog!

  • One student uses the confidence developed through the course to offer tarot readings professionally!

  • One lady added mediumship reading to her list of services!



Regardless of your skill level. A beginner will get the basics and grow from the group experience. If you have some experience, the information will enhance your practice and increase your ability. The course is designed to support you where you are at and improve your skill at any level!


Class Tuition 

Sign up & Save

Registration for IMP Mod 2 ends on 6/18 Get in while you can!


$1596 value

Early Bird Special ends 6/13:

$1296 Payment in full due before the start of class 6/20


Payment plan available:

$133 initial enrollment  before the start of class and 11 additional Payments of $133 monthly.


Please email Maggie for a payment plan set up!

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