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Ever feel lost, confused, frustrated, or angry?

Looking for answers to some burning questions?

Want to hear from a loved one again?

Want to explore and expand your own intuitive, empathic, or psychic abilities?

Want to renew and refresh your spirit?
Take a soul vacation to recharge?

I can help you
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MAGGIE SALTER psychic medium

Expand. Transform. Thrive.

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portrait of Maggie Salter smiling in blue floral shirt


A spiritual catalyst connecting you to your higher self for guidance, change and transformation.

Maggie Salter is a well-known psychic medium, spiritual coach, and teacher. A lifetime intuitive, Maggie was born with the desire to help others. Raised in a spiritually aware family, she studied and trained in health and wellness from her early 20's.


She raised four children while integrating holistic health practices and mind-body connection science. This life experience and advanced training blends with her highly developed psychic ability to give her a unique ability to get to the heart of the matter with her clients. Her ability to connect to higher guidance for practical comfort, encouragement and inspiration enables immediate shifts in the lives of her clients.


“Wow. My reading was right on. My uncle always calls me his daughter, and you hit that right on the head!  I do believe we have a connection, I have this vision I've seen since I was little, and never understood it, until recently, and it was about our connection! You validated that for me. Also, I've been using the work 'trailblazer' in different incidences lately, and didn't understand why. Then when you used it, I was 'wow'ed!!”



Need more information or have questions? Let me know.

Tel: 443-342-5930
2136 Market Street
Camp Hill, PA 17011

I'll get back to you as soon as possible!

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